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"When I was a little kid..."
Done with photoshop and a wacom

4" x 6" mini print
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8.5" x 11" print
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When I was in my first years of primary school, one night there were magical "fairies" out in the backyard.
Looking back, I guess it was just kids with strong torches shining them onto the low clouds, but at the time, I was convinced it was magic, and my parents took me outside to see them.
When i woke up the next morning, a book was at the end of my bed, apparently left for me by the fairies...I was thrilled.

So, this picture is about not denying your inner 5 year old.
Being able to keep that sense of wonder and magic and playfulness is an important part of being an artist...hell, an important part of being a human being. Lose that, and before long you'll find yourself a regular at tupperware parties, dressed in beige.
This is a purely gratuitous picture to feed the five year old part of my brain

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