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Amy Edwards.

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Amy's artwork is available on a wide range of products, both through her retail and wholesale websites, and through various other high quality companies to which she is licensed.

Due to Amy taking enormous pride in her work, quality is extremely important to her, so she will only license to companies where she has personally seen the products and is satisfied that the quality is of an exceptionally high standard.
As such, her range is of an impeccable standard, which makes for very happy customers.

Companies she is currently licensed with include:
Spellbound Greetings, Mystic Memories and Ellen Million Graphics.

Amy is always open to suggestions of new licensing opportunities from both large and small companies (she particularly likes to support small businesses, as that's she what is herself), and can be contacted to discuss proposals of any size.

In addition to the licensed products bearing her art, Amy offers a range of prints and gifts which she personally hand makes, available for purchase through her retail and wholesale sites. These have proven