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Nameless Numberhead- the music of Seth Harris.
At once emotional, intellectual, symbolic, hypnotic, mechanical and human, Nameless Numberhead does not lend itself easily to comparison or classification.

Sapphire Designs-Beautiful digital fantasy artwork by Rebecca Cox
Flowerchild Fantasy Art-fantasy art by Dawn Obrecht
Ellen Million Graphics-fantasy zine, gallery and store.
Ambient Arts official websites of artist Deanna Davoli
Simply Soap fine artisan handcrafted soaps. and they smell GOOD!
Nicole Cadet-art by fantasy artist Nicole Cadet.
Kel Faethe art fine art and hardbound books of Kel Flowers
Selina Fenech-fantasy artist Selina Fenech.
Amberfishy- the art of Lee Elizabeth Pike
Kirstin Mills- fairy and fantasy art and gifts by Kirstin Mills.
Tourmalina's art-art by Valerie Jeanne
Owllight Studios-Victoria Griffin's art
The Faeriegathering-Lisa Steinke's faerie art.
Gossamerfaery's Attic-the unique art of Misty Benson
April VanSickle-gallery of fantasy and fairy artist April VanSickle
Moon Glow Haventhe art of Kelly Smith
Kel Faethe art fine art and hardbound books of Kel Flowers
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Troll and Toad-all types of CCGs.