Natural Lip Balm
We have a minimum order
of only 20 balms, so it
makes going ahead
and trying our
entire range
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Wholesale Lip Balms

We offer two options with our wholesale lip balms:

Balms by Nature's Secret Natural Lip Balms

Our high quality lip balms printed with our label, Nature's Secret Natural Lip Balm. We offer a small minimum order of only 20 balms, with a minimum of only 10 of each balm, making it easy for you to try a variety of our flavours.

Private Label Lip Balms

The same luxurious balms, but unlabeled so you can applying your own branding. These have a higher minimum order of 1000 balms, with 100 of each flavour, which allows us to offer a smaller per-balm price.

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