Gift Ideas

Picking gifts for other people can be tricky sometimes, so let us help you narrow it down and and select something you know they'll love.

For Valentines Day.
Harmony Body Cream contains exotic oils such as East Indian Sandalwood and Nagchampa Oil, making for a sensual body cream with an enticing aroma.
Team it up with our other products in the Harmony line for a beautiful gift that not only smells intoxicatingly good, but also leaves skin seductively smooth.
Don't forgot to put one (or more!) of our beautifully scented soy candles with it, to create your romantic candle-lit night.

For Mother's Day
Mums tend to be on their feet all day, making the Invigorating Foot Scrub and Invigorating Foot Cream perfect gifts.
Peppermint and menthol are cooling and refreshing for feet - sublime when paired with the gift of a foot massage!
The Relaxing Lavender Temple Stick also makes a perfect gift for busy mums. It comes conveniently bottled in a pocket size glass bottle (perfect for handbags), with a roller ball for quick and easy application to the temples.
Mothers tend to spend a lot of time looking after other people and tending to forget about themselves, so a gift of any of our natural skincare products will serve as a wonderful reminder and opportunity to indugle in a bit of luxury.
To really give her an ideal chance to relax and indugle, offer your services as babysitter for the day as part of the gift!

For Christmas.
All of our products make great Christmas gifts, but our smaller products, such as our soaps and lip balms, make especially luxurious stocking stuffers.

For a housewarming.
Our environmentally friendly soy candles are clean burning, and create a beautiful ambience and relaxing atmosphere. The perfect gift for a new home!

For a bride to be.
What better time to pamper yourself and take care of your skin than leading up to your big day?
Any and all of our natural skin care products make wonderful 'treat yourself' gifts, but our Nourishing Cuticle Oil is especially great for brides and brides to be! Wedding and engagement rings cause hands to be the focus of attention, and our nourishing oil creates noticeably softer cuticles and stronger, healthier nails for beautiful hands.
Purchase with the Invigorating Foot Scrub and matching Foot Cream to create perfectly pampered feet, ready to show off in strappy shoes.
You might also like to consider one of our soy candles to complete the gift - ideal for helping create a relaxing mood to calm pre-wedding nerves, or creating a romantic ambience on a honeymoon.

For him.
While popular with women, our products aren't girls only!
The Invigorating Foot Scrub and Invigorating Foot Cream make wonderful gifts for men, espeically those on their feet all day. The scents of peppermint and menthol aren't too feminine, and make for cool, relaxed feet.
This gift would especially be appreciated if accompanied by the gift of a long, relaxing foot massage.
We also offer some popular, masculine scents in our range of handmade soap (we recommend Sea Breeze or Sandalwood!).
Our lip balms also offer a couple of masculine options - try our pure unscented balm, or the hemp oil balm.

For gardening enthusiasts.
Our Nourishing Cuticle Oil is an excellent gift for gardeners who find the pastime to be rough on their hands.
Containg nutrient rich oils, massaged into the nails and cuticles it creates noticeably softer cuticles and stronger, healthier nails.
The perfect thing for hands that need some pampering after a rough day in the garden.
Gardeners may also enjoy some of our floral scented handmade soaps, or our essential oil soaps (lavender is our best seller!).

For those spending long hours at a computer or in an office.
Our Cucumber Eye Gel is ideal for soothing and refreshing computer weary eyes.
Our gel is a fusion of aloe, cucumber and marine collagen for moisture, the antioxidant powers of green tea, the vitamin and mineral rich seabuckthorn oil (known for its antiaging effects!) and the toning abilities of witch hazel - perfect for keeping at your desk and applying to tired, puffy eyes for a quick pick-me-up!
Air conditioning in office environments tend to leave the air dry. This can also wreak havoc on skin, leaving it dehyrdrated and rough.
Harmony Cleanser eliminates impurities, soothes dry irritated skin and replaces vital moisture.
Give it combination with the Harmony Hydrating Lotion, to help ease the irritation and discomfort associated with dry skin, as well as helping to improve the skin's appearance.
Our Relaxing Lavender Temple Stick is also ideal for those in stressful environments. It comes conveniently bottled in a pocket size glass bottle, with a roller ball for easy application to the temples.
And of course, you can't go past our lip balms for a bit of instant replenishment for the lips!

For children
Many of our handmade soaps come in fun bright colours and good enough to eat scents (try the Choc Mint or Very Berry!) making them perfect for adding a bit of fun to a child's bathtime!
Similarly, try our lip balms in flavours like bubblegum, chocolate or strawberry. Delicious!

'Great little moisturizer that even tastes great. Thankyou so much' - Ash.