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"I love you, stupid ugly thing."
Done with photoshop and a wacom

4" x 6" mini print
$5.50 USD
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8.5" x 11" print
$15.50 USD
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As a small child, when I would be choosing a new pet from the petshop or breeder, or when I would choose a stuffed toy from the shops, I'd always choose the ugliest, stupidest creature I could find.
I pitied those animals, and reasoned that if I didn't choose them, perhaps nobody would, and nobody would ever love them. Where as me, on the other hand - me, well, it didn't matter so much to me if they were ugly and stupid, I vowed to love them just the same anyways.
I was a sap of a kid.
But this is me - convinced it's my mission in life to save fugly budgies and goldfish, because truth be told, I rather identified with them.

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