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All content and images on this website are copyright 2007 Amy Edwards.

Usage rules:

Individuals with personal, noncommercial websites may feel free to display my work on their website.
However, I do ask the following things - firstly, that you do not display anyof the artwork on my site stated to be a commission, or to be copyright to any other individual. Obviously, if I do not own the copyright, I am not legally able to give you valid permission to use it as it belongs to somebody else - please steer clear of these.
A link back to my website is of course always appreciated.
Also, please do not remove any copyright information or watermarks, or alter the image in any way. This includes cropping, animation or colour manipulation.
Resizing is fine, so long as you do not distort or crop the image.

My artwork may NOT be redistributed, freely or for profit, under any cirumtances.
This includes stationary, tubes, avatars, animations and anything else that may fall under this heading.
Free avatars for your use are available on this site, and at, so please make use of them rather than stealing.

If you wish to use any of my images for any other purpose (websets, commercial purposes, etc), please contact me at
amy edwards [AT] toeknuckles [DOT] com
to discuss this (I don't bite!).
I consider myself quite flexible with image usage, and can make arrangements for other types of personal or commercial use on a case-to-case basis. Websets and logos for professional and personal use are frequently arranged on terms that keep both parties more than happy.

Tattoos based on or of my artwork are allowed for individuals only. Tattoo artists may not offer tattoos of my art ,or based on my art, commercially or as flash.
If you DO get a tattoo done, please do send a picture! I would love to see how it turns out!!