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A popular alternative to buying art from is to license work to use on different items.
The sites below are a few examples of small business that have opted for licensing to use on their own products:

Ellen Million Graphics
Spellbound Greetings
Blue Moon Stones

This option is suitable for businesses of any size, as each licensing agreement is tailored to specific needs of each business or product.
If you sell quality products that you think would be suitable for use with Amy Edwards' art, simply email Toeknuckles Wholesale at to negotiate an agreement.

Please note with image licensing that as Amy Edwards takes pride in her artwork and reputation as an artist, products intended for licensing should be quality, well made items.
Also, please be aware that certain restrictions may apply on specific products and images (for instance, if you intend to sell a product the same as another company with exclusive licensing rights).

However, Amy aims to be as negotiable and accommodating as possible with arranging licensing agreements, and is very open to any suggestions you may have, so if you have any questions or want further information, please don't hesitate to contact her via the above email address!

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